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Default Mini Jumbo shortage

You probably didn't find a Seagull Mini Jumbo because they are discontinued. The current Concert Hall size has replaced the MJs and the Folks. That's too bad, because the also changed the scale length to 25.5." Liking the old neck specs, I bought their top model last summer, an SWS Maritime MJ. I've owned others, including the spruce/walnut Natural Elements and the Simon & Patrick Woodland in cedar/cherry. They're all wonderful choices- the NE is bright and loud, the S&P is mellow and harmonious, and the SWS is rich and full-bodied on the bottom and crispy on top. How to describe these things? I encourage you to find one, but it will be a used guitar.
Tacoma EK36C (ancient cedar little jumbo, '01); Seagull SWS Maritime Mini Jumbo; Simon & Patrick Pro Folk Rosewood ('01); Godin Montreal Premiere Supreme; Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin; Ibanez Mikro Bass.
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