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Default Guitar Center trip, questions

Made a trip to Guitar Center today, 90 minute trip one way. Local is 45 minutes one way. With that said, local shops are limited are far as stock. I was somewhat disappointed at GC because it seemed they had very inexpensive guitars $200.00 and under, and somewhat upper tier guitars at $1200.00 and more, but not much in the 500 - 700 range. I had wanted to try Ibanez avc11 artwood, av4ce artwood, Alvarez Delta Blues51, 12 fret, and Recording King Classic 000, and ROS-G9m, along with a Seagull Mini Jumbo. Unfortunately, they had none of these in stock. Very much enjoyed a Washburn, Breedlove, and a couple of Seagulls S6 and an Entourage. Any thoughts/opinions on the above guitars? I know GC has a 45 day return policy, but must it be defective, or can it be that it just doesn’t work for me , can it be returned? Thanks in advance.
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