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Originally Posted by BluesKing777 View Post
Thanks Eric!

One reason, apart from madness, that I went down the soundhole pickup path to experiment is the 'plug and play' threads of recent posts. You know, easy guitarring, easy living, turn up to the gig/blues jam/friend's house and just plug the guitar lead in. I have 'plug and play' in my Maton SRS808 and its pickup system, and my Martin D18E Retro.....

But then I said: "I want to take the Lowden O22 or my Martin OM18 Authentic for the different sounds and necks etc!" But really, I just wanted a pickup to put in my 'guitar of the moment' without altering the guitar permanently.

Now I am liking my Baggs M80 very much but having to take an EQ box like my Pro-EQ or buying and Align to zap some cloinkiness makes it not so 'plug and play'...if I have to take another box and guitar lead/power lead, honestly, in a hurry I would still grab the Maton! People hate the pickup controls on the side but it sure makes it easy, and the sweepable mid control is very good for getting that troiky mid that usually ruins everything....

Except I want to play my Lowden LSE1 at the blues I doubt anyone there would have ever heard slide in Open F on a Lowden LSE1! But I have the M80 in the hole, a lead out to my Fishman Pro EQ DI and then smoothing everything out and giving me a second notch filter is my Tonedexter preamp with the wavemaps turned OFF.....killer slide sound! But by the time I set up, the soundman would be getting anxious and the crowd gone to the bar.....

What is your main choice for live pick up right now? Is it not K&K (or similar) to Tone Dexter?
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