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Brilliant demo and a fine example of the importance of EQ, regardless of your pickup. The M80 (and M1) are great simplifications of the classic mag and SBT/mic dual source and with deliberate use of EQ, and an understanding of what freqs need adjustment, you can get a very impressive tone. Again, great work.

I cheat a little, I use a passive LB6 into a Tonebone PZ Pre and do some basic EQ at the preamp (leave bass flat or cut 1 degree, cut mids around 1-1.2khz, boost treble 1 degree) and then use a TC Body Rez in the effects loop to cut the low mids and add some compression and saturation to smooth-out the piezo response. It's probably less precise but is pretty effective. I'm considering adding a Lyric into the guitar and mixing it at the PZ Pre, I'm curious if I'll be able to get a good EQ with the same set-up.
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