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Originally Posted by Groberts View Post

I expect you are using the align EQ as 'always' on? Bro, you really nailed the nuances of setting up the M80. I will likely order an Align EQ to add some fine tuning to my rig. If it doesn't work out, I can return it.

having a Notch, Phase and EQ in a single footprint pedal that size is highly desirable and I'll bet its quiet and musical on the gig. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

Again I have to compliment your touch, talent and skill. less players may or may not get as musical of a sound with the same gear.

When performing with the D18/M80 the Align stays on, but with the KC70 Tak it's not quite as needed due to it's own preamp eq capabilities.The 000-18's F1AP is so good on it's own that I have not experimented with it much...I mainly bought the Align to pair with the D-18/M80 and it's a winning combo imo.

Thanks again broham for the kind words!

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