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Originally Posted by BluesKing777 View Post
Thanks Eric!

Very enjoyable video. Make some more, we'll watch 'em.

Now at the risk of being accused of hearing with my eyes , can we see what you did to the Align pedal for the M80? Like, can I do the same with my Fishman Pro-EQ?

I have a quandary for myself with the M80 - I love the sound on my Lowden O22 and a couple of guitars I tried, but then when I put it in the D18, it..well....stinks a bit. And then on my old 59 LG3 Gibson, the deep e string touches the pole....and then on my Blues King L-00 they all touch! So I would obviously have to move the poles down, but then wreck the sound as is for my Lowden O22. Pity it doesn't have an 'Undo' button!

* Thanks much BK!

** As I explained in the vid, pole adjustments will vary guitar to guitar so yes you may have to adjust them every time you switch; or just get a second unit...would be cool to have a button that remembers your settings like they have in cars nowadays! LOL

*** Here are some pics of my Artist (chan. 2) and Align settings as well as of my pole height, hope they help as well buddy! ...adjusting the notch filter and the phase are very crucial to optimizing the tone as well.
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