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Originally Posted by Groberts View Post
Well done Eric! What a great service to anyone considering an M80.

Your video tutorial offers tremendous insight to anyone considering a Baggs M80 Soundhole Mag PU. Your D-18 with M80 sounds incredible. So musical. I love the way you described how to optimize placement and pole height.

The video is long but well worth watching. The information is plentiful and there is a ton of wisdom from the experience of a very talented gigging professional.

Your touch is second to none my friend. I think that has a lot to do with why the M80 sounds so exceptional. I would personally be thrilled with the sound you get.

There are tonal aspects that I hear as 'magnetic.' They might bother me a little in a quiet intimate setting. You commented on the magnetic properties nicely. The M80 still sounds super pleasing and musical. You demonstrated how he Harmonics and percussive aspects are rewarding. But the overall musicality of the PU and the way it cuts and presents itself in a mix or loud bar would likely be neutralized entirely. Your comment about how "Your guitar but louder" is not always the best solution is well taken. Sometimes what works best is being able to 'cut through the mix and not get 'lost' in a noisy room.

So much to comment on, I'll leave it here for now.
Thank you so much Grob-ee one Kano-bee! ...I know i went a lil' longer than anticipated but it was off the cuff and wanted to explain certain things in detail plus show the differences unplugged, Artist, and Artist + Align.

'Preeciate ya Gary!
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