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Thanks Eric!

Very enjoyable video. Make some more, we'll watch 'em.

Now at the risk of being accused of hearing with my eyes , can we see what you did to the Align pedal for the M80? Like, can I do the same with my Fishman Pro-EQ?

I have a quandary for myself with the M80 - I love the sound on my Lowden O22 and a couple of guitars I tried, but then when I put it in the D18, it..well....stinks a bit. And then on my old 59 LG3 Gibson, the deep e string touches the pole....and then on my Blues King L-00 they all touch! So I would obviously have to move the poles down, but then wreck the sound as is for my Lowden O22. Pity it doesn't have an 'Undo' button!

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