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Default Sweet Emotion...

Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
So far I have seen "intellectual" descriptions of the guitars and as I'd expect, both are competent and not all that different. Same size and same maker! That's a tough decision. Another approach is to make a choice instead of a decision. It's more of an intuitive approach. Notice which one you reach for when you want to play. Which one raises your fun quotient further? Do you play faster, cleaner, or more inspired on one than the other? Take your time, in ten or fifteen years you'll have your answer.
Thanks for the "sound advice" (couldn't resist).

In the end, it will likely be a choice vs. a decision. I also am considering between these two how they differ from my other guitars. Since collaborated so closely with Kent in the creation of these over the last 14-months, I am drawn to both instruments. They are both are equally fun to play and unfortunately since I didn't pay for the "talent upgrade" I seem to play both equally poorly...

Since I am only keeping one of these two instruments, I thought that having some technical descriptions of my impressions of how they sounded might be useful to someone who is considering buying it from Kent.

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