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Originally Posted by sedandelivery View Post
Yes, when you put it that way, I canít imagine the guitar would have left the shop like this either. However, the guitar case has a card from Chicago music exchange in it, and I bought it from a shop called Willieís, so that would probably mean Iím at least the third owner. Heavy strings for slide, a neck with no truss rod, and previous owners that did lord knows what to itÖ.who knows how it got to be this way. I can say I noticed the neck was messed up the second I opened the case. I was hopeful that resos had some weird neck angle quirk I wasnít aware of and it would still be ok, but upon attempting to fret the higher notes I realized something was seriously wrong.
Seems like it's between you and the shop you bought it from, and not really related to Mule at this point.

Have you contacted Willie's?
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