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Originally Posted by Banter Shack View Post
When I'm ready to perform, I want to start with parks and high streets first. At this moment, the scrutinous wrath of playing on stage terrifies me.
I like to busk and share my music. I got started at it because we lived in a condo in Puerto Rico in the winter and I would make a drink and go out to a little park a couple blocks from our house to practice and play songs. One day some ladies stopped to listen to a couple songs and gave me some money. After that I put a tip jar out while I played. That's about as complicated it needs to be.

If that is what you have in mind you don't need a lot of songs because people aren't going to stick around for a set, maybe a song or two and then they leave. Too few and you will bore yourself singing them over and over, but it won't make any difference to anyone else. More important than what you are playing and how many songs you can do, you really need to be able to play them well enough to engage with people walking by. At least make eye contact, nod and smile. If you know a few well enough to put them on hold while you trash talk a little and then go back to them, those are golden.
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