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Originally Posted by James May View Post
It works equally and perfectly well into any impedance from 500K on up. And I should add, this was not a trivial engineering problem when you factor in the passive volume control.
Thanks James!

Not really being schooled in electrical engineering I hope this question isn't just plain dumb. I've acted on the advice of folks that seem to really understand things like "impedance matching" & that's why I selected the Buffered Bypass on the Polytune3 to insure an impedance load of 1 MegOhm for the K&K rather than bypassing it. That's all like a foreign language to me but that's exactly the advice I was following.

So my question to you is, ideally, should I continue to use the Buffered Bypass feature of the Polytune3 with my Ultra Tonic converted K&K or should I instead set it on True Bypass?

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