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Originally Posted by DooWopguy View Post
I found these guitars in my local classified, and they are only available through a distributor. They make a Tele style, anyone own a NGW or heard of them? I don't gig anymore just looking to get back to playing for my own entertainment so don't need an expensive Fender but looking for something similar and came across these, any thoughts?
The world is full of low-end guitars, some a complete waste and some pretty decent with a bit of work. I have no idea where these fall in that spectrum, but I went to their FB page and their official web site, and there is zero written information on the guitars. So you can't go there and get basic info on materials, construction, where they are made, scale length, fretboard radius: nothing. Maybe it's in the videos embedded on their FB page? Beats me, but if they can't be bothered to put product descriptions on their web page I guess you have to either do a lot more research or move along.

I keep thinking I've missed something obvious, let me know if I have. It does appear that there was a company with the same name that went out of business 10-15 years back but I have no idea if there is anything common between the incarnations except the name.
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