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Default Kinnaird Guitars Student Build: Because One Isn't Enough

I spent last week in Nacogdoches, a welcome reprieve from the grind at work. Since my inaugural student build, others have joined the program including two AGFers-blackkeys36 and nootis! Reading their build threads reminded me of my experience and I knew that one build with Steve and Ryan would not be enough.

The impetus for my first student build was simply to build a guitar. It had been a bucket list item of mine and under their supervision, I knew I'd be able to cross it off. Truthfully, whether or not a great sounding guitar emanated from the experience was immaterial. I wanted to go through the steps I've seen in so many build thread pictures and experience it first hand. While I had that in spades, I also received a guitar that captured the sound in my head. I love my 00. If I had to save one guitar from a fire, I'd choose it ten times out of ten. I have more expensive guitars but its the only one I purchased a Calton for. I don't think I need to say more than that about it. I have no doubt that this second build will sound great but at this point it's all gravy because again, I love my 00 (I guess I did say more!).

Okay onto this build. Seeing as my 00 fits my needs for fingerstyle, I wanted a strummer. I started out playing with a pick, strumming songs when I learned how to play but have since gravitated to fingerstyle. I wanted a guitar for strumming and to learn flatpicking as I've become interested in this over the years as well. When Steve and Ryan debuted their sitka/paldao dreadnought last year, it immediately landed on my radar as the next build. I chose an adirondack top from their collection and a honduran rosewood back and sides set with an interesting story. It was once in Dana Bourgeois' shop but was sold off as a b-stock item to Darren Hippner, who I purchased it from last year. I chose a laminated neck with a bubinga center which should compliment it nicely. Ok enough talking, here are some pictures!
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