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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
... In any case, I'm still puzzling over why we've now had a dozen posts about "panning" :-) It's a non-sequiter for a simple stereo acoustic guitar recording.
i'm afraid i started us down that path. for some reason i misremembered/misunderstood that when you made teoaagr (the evolution of an acoustic guitar recording), one mic was on the left and the other on the right. meaning that if i panned the recording left or right i would be hearing only one of the mics. given they were stereo mics, i was wondering if you had mixed them into mono first.

but i've slept, reread and rewatched, and i now understand that both mics are in stereo and are blended, and one side of each mic can be heard on the left and right channels, and there is no way to hear each mic separately.

i hope i explained this well enough to not cause further confusion. thanks for the information and sorry for panning the thread hard left.
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