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Success... Sort of... I was able to remove the saddle (yea)! I put electrical tape on the bridge along the saddle to prevent scratching the bridge. Unfortunately I was unable to use any of the recommendations above because I simply couldn't get a good grip using any type of pliers and/or adhesives. I was however able to use a very tiny flathead screwdriver and with gentle pressure at the end nearest the low E string, apply enough force to be able to lift it enough to get a better grip on it.

Then I got to work sanding it a bit. In doing so I found that it wasn't perfectly flat at either end so I proceeded to attempt to remedy that. Long story short, I was able to remove enough to get the action where I want it, but upon restringing I found that the low E now has an unforgivable buzz, which only appears when the string is played as an open E. (Missed it by that much...). Other than that it was perfect.

So now I need to get a replacement (Stewmac) but I'm not sure how to measure the top radius, as their site offers three different saddles. I emailed them asking for advice. Hopefully by this time next week I will have this resolved.
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