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Guild used pearwood for the D-44 in the late 60s and early 70s, and also for one of its classical models for a short time (Mark IV, I think). All of the pearwood used by Guild that I have seen was rather plain in appearance, not well-figured, and was commonly stained a deep reddish brown.

I do have a 1971 Guild D-44 with pearwood back and sides (I also have 7 other Guild dreads in different tonewoods for comparison). Tonally, the pearwood D-44 is bright, with a lot of sparkle to the trebles like mahogany (comparing to a Guild D-35), but with a stronger bass. It is not nearly as rich in overtones as rosewood (comparing to a Guild D-50, D-55, and DV-73). I think it is nice folksy sound... and prefer it fingerpicked rather than strummed.
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