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Originally Posted by JayBee1404 View Post
Yes foxo, itís an American thing - Iíve never come across a UK dealer who will give more than a few percent discount. But many of the US online dealers will ship outside the US and give the full 35-40% discount. I know that MFG ship to the U.K., but Maury doesnít. You do have to remember the shipping cost, import duty (~4%) and import VAT (20%), but when the X-Rate is favourable, there are good savings to be made.

My last three Martins all came from MFG, and I got 40% off. The X-Rates were very favourable back then but, since the Brexit Referendum, theyíve been very poor, so those savings are unlikely to be so good. Youíd need to do the maths.

The usual disclaimers apply......IMHO, YMMV etc.
I donít thing American Martin dealers can ship out of the US anymore. I remember reading that recently. Maybe someone can confirm.
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