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Well, I hope you're happy, Evan. After your post, I brought the X20 out to the living room to entertain Joan while she cooked. It is a beast after playing the X10. Oh, not it a bad way... the sound is definitely bigger, bassier, and more growl than the X10. Yes, it is possible to play the X20 quieter... but why would you want to?

I had my back to Joan while playing and asked her if she noticed a difference in the sound - she said, "Did you change the strings on your new one? It sounds really nice. What's different?" She couldn't tell which guitar it was until she looked at it.

So, that's a good thing, right? Yeah, they both sound good. I'll tell you what I really noticed: the neck difference. The X10 is more comfortable for my hands; thinner profile and 1/16" narrower. My left hand had to work harder.

I think it is all about perspective. You know how people often say, "I haven't found anything I like better than my _________." (fill in the blank with your favorite guitar) It's the sound and the feel you know - so anything that sounds or feels different can't be as good. Until your hands and ears adjust to the new one. That's the reasonable explanation when someone says, "I like my $30 plywood guitar better than that expensive guitar I played in the shop today."

Oh, sometimes you get something SO much better than what you're playing that your head tells your hands and ears to get with the program. Especially if your bank account agrees with that assessment.

The X10 sounds great. The X20 sounds great. Yes, I still really like the sound and feel of my X7. I even picked up the 814 for a bit, and it sounds and feels good, too. (Well, not as good as the ergonomics on the Emeralds)

Right now, the X10 is probably my favorite. The X20 was 12 days ago. And the X10 before that. With all the playing recently, my hands and ears are all about the X10.

When I plug it is, there is no comparison: the X10 rules. And, it's red!