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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
Hi Ray,

Not butting in at all. I was surprised by the recording, as well. I have been able to listen to others playing my X7 and X20 (but not the X10 yet), and have found the X20 to be significantly louder and richer... but surprised by how that X7 "keeps up."

For some further explanation on that recording: I did use the Zoom H4n Pro and wonder if the stereo mic setting on that has auto level to make them all sound similar? I set the level with the X20 so it wouldn't clip, expecting that guitar to be the loudest.

And now back to the X10 - I did a couple hours with it this morning, exploring more about how it handles the output from each pickup to appropriate amps... my wife came into the guitar room to listen (and brush Rufus) and commented about how nice it sounds. When I flipped the switch on the guitar to go back and forth between acoustic and electric pickups/amps, the tone difference is impressive. Flip that switch into the middle to get both and ... wow!

I have the saddle piezo dialed in for the acoustic sound I like, and have tried plenty of options on the electric side. I am convinced! The X10 sounds nice acoustically (not plugged in). Plugged in with a single guitar cord, you have plenty of tone shaping. Plugged in with the TRS to a Y cable and then run to two amps is what sets this guitar apart from any other acoustic with a pickup that I've played.
I find all of the plugged sound options interesting, but mostly in an academic way. The only reason I ever plug an acoustic in is to be able to record acoustic loops into my looper to play along with. It just has to sound basically like an acoustic guitar, which anything with a pickup seems to do well enough. I'm not terribly discriminating, to say the least. And I play unplugged at least 98% of the time. So I'm not a candidate for an X10 and would possibly remove the electronics from my X7 if I thought I could do it easily and without damaging the guitar at all. Then again, it's not hurting anything to have them...

Even with my electrics, I have one basic sound I keep everything dialed into and the only things I ever really change are an OD and a boost pedal so I can dial in a bit of gain for lead parts. I find a sound I like and generally don't mess with it...