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Originally Posted by Nort View Post

I had the opportunity last Thursday with some time off work to do something I've wanted to do for awhile, made the trek from Anaheim to LA Guitar sales, for the expressed purpose of playing the Sexauer 15.5 Kerala Pernambuco that Ted has there,
my first in person experience with one of your guitars.

Ted & Helene were very gracious hosts,

the guitar is amazing, beautiful to the eye and ear, perfect setup, made playing it so effortless. wonderfully balanced,
a dream fingerstyle guitar. if only I weren't already so blessed with too many guitars.

whoever acquires that guitar will be incredibly blessed, just wish it was me
How nice of you to say, Nort!

I had thought that guitar was sold over a month ago. I guess it was just a trial shipment. This particular instrument, my 15.5 design, is basically an oversized OM. If a person likes an OM, but just wanted MORE, this guitar will deliver. NOT a dread., more like an SJ.