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Originally Posted by Vyse Hazuky View Post
Hello all,

I'd like to summon the collective wisdom of the AGF to help me with my quest with finding a 12-string resonator.

AFAIK there doesn't seem to be any models currently in production so I'd welcome suggestions of older models (that aren't impossible to find rarities), or even custom builders who might be able to produce such an instrument.

Thanks in advance
Both Dobro, and Mosrite (when they owned the Dobro company) built 12 string models. I actually have owned 2 of them.

One was the thin double cutaway version with 2 pickups and the other was the typical 12 fret model. The electric version, of course, sounded nothing like a resonator when it was plugged in.

They are definitely out there if you search Reverb and eBay, and perhaps Craigslist.

In the end you'll probably get the most satisfaction having National just build one for you, because it won't require any setup work, especially if you're intent on fretting it!

At the time I bought mine I was very much a fan of Tut Taylor, who played 12 string Hawaiian style with a flat pick.

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