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Default Bought a mandolin

On April 14th I went to a guitar show in Danville Indiana. As I'm leaving my wife says "Don't buy any guitars". I say "Not planning to".

While I'm at one booth I inquire about an inexpensive electric. The guy says I'll give you a good deal. I just look at him. He throws out a number that was OK. I say no. Then he throws in a gig bag no charge. I say no. He points out that is autographed by John Rich of Big and Rich.

I then tell him my wife said no guitars. But she didn't say anything about a mandolin. He says I have one.

So, who has a good video series or any book recommendations. I need to learn to play this instrument.

It is an A style Dean that followed me home.

My wife said, "I should have said don't buy anything".
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