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Originally Posted by islandguitar View Post
Hey Dustin.....saw your post earlier and was anxious to get back on line to catch your tune......great job!! Love the low end on that harp guitar.....also enjoyed the camera work which went into this section.
Do you bring all your own equipment for each of these house concerts? House equipment? How long does it take to set up in space like that for the two of you?
Really enjoyed "looking in" at your session......thanks! Best wishes
Hey man! I agree about the low end. I made a comment to Matt when I was editing the video that the final chord almost sounds like a grand piano is hiding somewhere in that room with the droning low C. Pretty crazy how good it sounds for stuff like this in my opinion!

For this house concert the host actually had his own sound professionally installed and hired a videographer/sound guy to put these videos together. Super professional! It's Crib Concerts in Herndon VA, near DC. We had 1 1/2 hours of material recorded with a few others I'm excited to share so there will be more We just brought our guitars, preamps and effects in so it took us 30 mins to see up and 15 to soundcheck. Really straight-forward, normally we give ourselves an hour and a half to load our own speakers and equipment in.
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