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Hi and welcome to the forum,

You might try emailing Emerald at They are very approachable and I’m sure will try and connect you with someone in your vicinity if at all possible.

Also, although you’re inquiring about harp guitars and may get some replies in this subforum, there’s a large Emerald fan group in the carbon fiber subforum, so if you’re not getting any suitable response, PM me and as a forum moderator, I can move this thread over to the CF area.

I tried to request the same thing of forum members when considering an Emerald X20 while I was in SW Florida, but it didn’t happen. Having owned three 6/12 doubleneck Emerald Chimaeras between 2012-17, I know about their quality, tone and playability, so I ordered an X20 and am very happy with the guitar.

Good luck!
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