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Originally Posted by naccoachbob View Post
LOL, I'm like Fallboard, I was a little hesitant. But I did my own un-scientific research just now. I looked at the names of the people on this thread who gave positive "reviews" of the package, and they have all been here long enough that I doubt they could be shills. The only name I really recognized was Broadus' because I've seen him post a number of times. But some of the others have been here several years as well. I think one has been here 10 yrs.
Based on my obviously excellent research , I too ordered the "pre-viewed" course, and look forward to a great learning experience.
Throughout my life, I've learned one thing...........I ain't an organizer. I need guidance on things like this and on building guitars. So the structure of this course should help a bunch.
Glad to see this topic, as I've been wondering where to go, who to see, what to do about playing better and better.
I can strum with Travis Tritt, Vern Gosdin, Charlie Daniels, and Waylon, but I want to be good enough to play a song and have folks recognize it even if I'm not singing.
Thanks guys,
The one thing the course will not do is change the personality of the student. On this I speak from experience.

I zipped through Lesson One with daily practice. Ditto Lesson Two. In Lesson Three I started missing days for no particular reason. Then I decided to skip ahead to see whether I could get away with it. My practice days (as opposed to strumming and singing days) became less frequent. At this point I can't recall exactly how long it's been since I worked on a lesson.

The above mirrors my experience with other books/videos/DVDs over the years. What's different this time is that I've surveyed the lessons well enough to know that this course addresses the entire skill set, at least at a beginner/intermediate level, in a systematic, well-paced way.

I'm now fairly sure that I don't actually want to improve. If I did, I would work the course daily as Steve laid it out.
Yours truly,
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