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Originally Posted by Leif View Post
I bought a copy as a result of the comments here, and the link to the $100 offer. It arrived in 7 days from the US to the UK, with a low value on the customs form so that it escaped import duties. The postage charges quoted by L&MG matched the actual charges, and the packaging was good. The course comes in a nice card presentation case. So far so good. The accompanying book is very basic. Let's see how the disks do.

I was originally put off this course by fake looking online review websites, which look as if their sole purpose is to publish a review of multiple courses, with L&MG placed at the top. There are also many websites which seem sort of genuine and yet go out of their way to praise this course. I have to wonder why.

Actually the reason is simple as I discovered from the L&MG site. They pay a significant sum of money to each person who forwards a new customer. See here.

How to make money. Yippee!

In other words, someone can intentionally post a glowing review in order to get a commission from L&MG. Now that to my mind is dishonest and little more than deception. I should add that this is my opinion, and some reviews might be genuine, though lord knows how one can discriminate between fake and real.

I am sure that in the UK our law requires someone to disclose any monetary gain from a review e.g. commission. Is that not the case in the states?

As I said, I bought the course on the basis of comments here from people with a large posting history. On some forums when this course is discussed, loads of newbies pop up to praise the course. Mmmm. Had I known about the affiliate program, I might have thought twice about the purchase. Still, $100 is not a huge sum.
Hi Leif. As you can see above, several of us were really put off by the fake reviews resulting from the affiliate program. I would have ordered it a year earlier otherwise. I didn't believe the course was worthwhile till this thread was started. Having been in the course for several months now, I find it worth the monetary and time investment. It's not the be-all end-all for learning to play well, but if someone puts in the time, he will certainly travel a long way in learning how to play well (I'm also working in William Leavitt's Modern Method for Guitar and Mark Hanson's Art of Contemporary Travis Picking). Still, Learn & Master Guitar is the best course I've seen for the $99 one pays for a previously viewed package. In fact, it's worth the perpetually-sale-priced $149, another marketing gimmick.

The LMG community is a real boon for the course. If you haven't already, check out the LMG forum.

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