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Default Help identifying old archtop guitar

I recently purchased a group of old Harmony guitars and the guy I bought them from "threw this one in" with the rest of them. He told me that it was a National, but nothing about this guitar looks like a National. He said that the guy he'd gotten it from had gotten it "in the war at a pawn shop" but was unsure which war and where geographically he'd come by it. It looks and feels like a fairly well-made guitar, but there is no serial number or date marking on the inside that I can see. I've scoured the inside with a light and inspection mirror and can find no marks whatsoever. I've also scoured the internet looking for the logo, which to me looks like North America with a cane running horizontally across it. The logo looks extremely familiar, but I just can't place it! The headstock and tailpiece looks Harmony-ish...but not exactly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just wanting to know if I should invest some time to bring this guitar back to playable as the action is really high at the 12th fret. It just needs a new bridge, an upgraded tailpiece and a little TLC and I think it would be a nice player.

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