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Default Cheapo "Irin" and "Alice" strings - good or bad?

I'm leaning toward bad.

Formerly a steel-string player, I've mostly performed on a Cordoba electrified nylon-string lately - lower tension on my arthritic left-hand index finger. Using a pick, playing standards. All good, but I haven't settled on a string brand.

I bought some Irin and Alice nylon sets off eBay over the last couple years. Amazingly cheap, like two bucks or less per set. Black-colored 1-2-3 strings, silver-colored wound 4-5-6. Just put a set on the old Alvarez I play around the house. The wound strings seem OK but the hard-surfaced plastic strings seem extremely thin, and continue to stretch, and stretch, and stretch, more than any nylon string I've tried.

OK, I went too cheap. Anybody's experience similar to mine, and what low-priced brand should I be using?

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