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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post
Hi jh

I'm going to add to the 'two button' model part of the discussion.

If all you ever do is sit at home and loop, then a single button is all you need.

If you ever need to go public, a two button is far better. I use a two button (and Old Boss RC-20XL I've had for about 15 years. Fun to experiment, great for monitoring sound checks while I go out in the house to listen to the main PA, and good accompaniment tool (for capturing a track to solo over later in a song).

The second button expands capability and usefulness. You can stand on the stop button till it clears the memory. With the single button models, you have to remember to do that when you stop the track, or else you'll be starting the track to start it again.

Good point. I found the single button loopers annoying because there's always a bit of the loop played before you have a chance to hold down the button long enough to clear the loop.

That single issue is plenty to make it worth getting a two button looper.
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