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Originally Posted by Beakybird View Post
I just bought a Zoom H2n Handy Recorder, and the description says that you can use it as a USB Mic. Does anyone know how to interface this Zoom device with a phone or camera?

I just found the answer to my own question for the Zoom H1N:
I've used an H2 as a camera mic by taking the headphone out and feeding that into the camera. I think I did a Homebrewed Music blog post about it:

The H2n doesn't have a "pause" mode for setting levels like the H2 as I recall, so the procedure is just a little simpler.

Of course this technique requires a bit of investment in cables and perhaps an adapter or two and it relies on the camera audio circuitry which can be problematic. It seems like a hassle but with a little practice it's not that hard to sync external audio and replace camera audio in post, assuming you'll be editing the video at some point.

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