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Default 2018 - Purchase Considerations

2018 is going to be the year I buy one. I have kind of narrowed it down between Tonedevil and Emerald (at least in my head). Here are my current thoughts:

I will probably only ever buy one harp guitar (but who knows). I'm slightly leaning towards an X20 with a custom 24.75" scale (my fav). I'm also a little on the fence about the super trebles. I guess I'd rather have them and not always use them than wonder, but they are a bit pricy.

If I go with the Tonedevil, I will probably go without the super trebles but ask for a custom scale. The reason I would choose the Tonedevil is that I "think" I would probably have a preference for the tone of the wooden guitar. However, I don't have a lot of experience to base that on -- Of the CF guitars I've played, I've only liked the Rainsongs. And the Emeralds sound pretty darned good in the videos... The ergonomics of the Emerald and the advantages of carbon on a big instrument under high tension factor in too. Pickup/plugged in sound is also a factor for me. I probably will want to gig with it locally, so that pushes me a little bit towards the Emerald as well.

I was wondering if anyone here can speak flexibility (balance between the strings) when plugging in with either of these, plugged in tone and unplugged tone. Also any other suggestions, guidance, or considerations would be appreciated. Nudges in one direction or another are fine too. I'm just trying to research and carefully consider my options. Thanks!
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