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Originally Posted by lodi_55 View Post low volume equals weak tone?
Not at all. I have heard concert classicals that were absolute CANNONS but tonally, they were not pleasant.

"Tone" is SO subjective, that said, put me in the camp that the Taylor Nylons are not that good, acoustically (I am speaking of the old NS series). I had a NS62 for a couple of years, and it was merely OK (my Parlor classical absolutely blew it away, tonally). I don't know about the new ones (are they braced differently than the old NS guitars?)

Another thing I'm curious about is the pickup being used in the new Taylor Nylons. My NS62 had a Fishman UST/Mic combo, the new ones have a Taylor system which I think is just an UST. Anyone have one of the new ones and how does it sound plugged in?

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