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Originally Posted by Lucky Ambrose View Post
Thank you for your suggestions so far.
Removed the blown speaker and it is a Sica but not full range.
Itís 4 ohms and my Amp is 250 watts.
I am guessing I need a 250 watts replacement along with the 4 ohms.
Well that is hard to find... itís not even listed on the Sica site.
I have been searching the Internet and canít find a 4ohm, 250 watt, 8Ē speaker.
Iíve emailed Hugh and Kettner and also Sica. Waiting for a response.
Who knew this would be so hard.
Here's a viable option: Text Simply Speakers in Florida at 727-767-9072 and ask them if they repair your particular speaker. Their web site is

There are so many different stereo, PA, guitar amps, etc out there that I seriously doubt there's anything that can't be replicated or properly repaired.

All you lose is a text message.

By the way: I'll assume that you've ruled out a blown fuse or the like, but I had to mention it.

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