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Ive owned the eaes d68 for years.
its basically the same mixer.
Ive also used the felix since its
inception. They are really two different beasts. and hard to compare.
Tone wise im more of an analog person. something is lost converting
a signal from analog to digital and
then back to analog. So a tip of the hat to the felix in that area.
Being able to add compression,delay,reverb mixing a vocal mic and guitar in a live setting
The stompmix has that all covered.
Ive actually used the felix as a standalone pa mixer. And it works
great sounds great. But again
you have to add any fx you want externally. If your a singer songwriter
on a budget And can only get one.
id probably get the stompmix.
Its just more versatile. If you
already have a decent mixer
with fx ..Id get the felix.
Hands down a better sounding
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