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Smile Bourgeois Archtop Guitars

I recently purchased this beauty from Gryphon Stringed Instrument shop.

The Carved European Spruce top is incredible and really adds to the tone of the guitar. I've owned and played some pretty great arch top guitars from Collings, Campellone, Benedetto vintage Gibson stuff (30s 40s and 50s L7s L5s and Super 400s, vintage Epiphone stuff, Zimnicki and a few others and I can tell you this is the best sounding arch top I've touched. Ultra lightweight and responsive and really special in terms of materials as well!! The only arch top I remember playing that was a bit better than this one was a vintage style A D'Angelico from the early 40s that a friend let me play.

I'm amazed that these Bourgeois arch top guitars come as affordably as they do and then Collings Archtops can fetch over 20k at times. These Bourgeois models are for sure on par. I'd be curious what Bourgeois would charge for these now if they made them today.

I'll try and post a video of it soon and share it on this thread.

Here's a video of it, I recorded.
High End Guitar Review Videos.

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