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Default Build Thread: Todd Rose Allegheny with adjustable neck

This thread documents the construction of a special Allegheny (my SJ-ish guitar) for a customer who is a good friend of mine, named Dan. Dan wanted me to build whatever I wanted to build and extended endless patience to allow me all the time I needed to arrive at the completed guitar. Since my last post in this thread near the end of 2014, this project was put on the back burner for a period of time while I fulfilled several other orders, did a lot of repair work, etc. I've now completed the guitar and delivered it to Dan. I'm happy to report that he is totally thrilled with it. I am, too -- I can't deny that it sounds fantastic! Honestly, we are both blown away by its amazing sound. Photos and recordings of the completed instrument are at the end of the thread.

With Dan's encouragement, I made this guitar with an adjustable neck inspired by Rick Turner's design -- thanks are due also to Laurent Brondel, who makes an adjustable neck joint similar to this and gave me much useful input. Along with the adjustable neck joint, there are several new design ideas being incorporated into this guitar, which you will see in this thread.

Starting with the drawing:

Update: Apparently, most of the photo links in this thread don't work any more, and I don't have time to fix them all. Sorry! All the pics can be seen here:

(Please don't be offended if you send me a facebook friend request and I don't accept it. I'm not in the habit of having a lot of facebook friends I don't actually know.)

Here are a few pics of the completed guitar, to whet your appetite:

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