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Default Mysterious mandolin family instrument

I happened to come across this video by a young YouTuber named Sarah Jarosz. She's got a good voice, and a couple of high end musical instruments in view: there's a Collings guitar on a stand behind her, and she's playing what took me a minute to realize is an octave mandolin:

Here's a picture of her playing it onstage. She's got her clip on tuner covering the logo, dag nabbit!

Sarah Jarosz

It's clearly a high quality instrument; it's got a Monteleone mandolin family tailpiece on it, which I have on a few of my mandolins. But search as I might, I still haven't caught a glimpse of the headstock logo.

There's a good possibility that it was built by Fletcher Brock, who builds magnificent archtops, mandolins and other mandolin family instruments. He uses a similar art deco adornment on some of his headstocks, and this looks like one of his.

As it happened, I met Fletcher at the first Healdsburg Guitar Festival I attended in 2001, and actually watched his booth for him while he disappeared for a meal and, apparently, a ˙ L O N G ˙ stroll around the grounds. Nice guy, terrific builder, but not a gung ho sales guy, not in the slightest.

For those of you old enough to remember the late 1960's, his mother is Alice Brock, the Alice of "Alice's Restaurant" fame.

Anyway, while this instrument might be a Brock, I'm just curious as to whether any of you all can spot what it actually is.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me on this.

Wade Hampton Miller

PS: The alert among us will notice that there's a Collings F-5 style mandolin behind her onstage, too. I wish that I had had such fine instruments when I was gigging out at her age!!

Hey, that's cool - no Marxist-Leninist working class resentment here. If you can afford fine instruments, you might as well use them.
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