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Originally Posted by Carey View Post
> No ...the Japanese makers do not use the Spanish Heel.."

I think that some do, and some don't. There was a recent issue of Orfeo
that I think showed a few Japanese makers, partly influenced by Romanillos, who use that method. Quite a few makers who use that design have adopted
Romanillos's method of using a wedge (or two) against the sides, in an enlarged slot. On the other hand, my '67 S. Nakade definitely has a dovetail joint.

> Just because you see a heel block inside does not mean it's the SH design.."

For sure.
You are correct. If one is going to use the Spanish method, Romanillos'wedges is the best way. It provides a much tighter fit. I've see David Schramm's You Tube videos where he uses both the Romanillos style, Double Mortise and Spline. Some of his older instruments used John Gilberts method.
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