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Originally Posted by iim7V7IM7 View Post
I am not even from Texas and I found Steve's quip hysterical...

A "gross = 144" is easy, figuring out what song G7-C9-Edim-B9-B7b13-E7-E9 beneath your avatar is hard. At first, I thought it might be it might be the music to the verse from the lyrics in your signature line, but alas it is not. That is C#m11-Bm11-Gmaj7-F#m11-Bm7-D/G-E/A.

LOL. I feel a bit dense in my failure to grasp Steve's pun. *duh* I guess I didn't "score" any points on that one.

That chord sequence is not from a song. It was a sequence I came up with many years ago using the high G note as a harmonic link to modulate down three half steps. PM sent.

Dang it...I hijacked my own thread!
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