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First off, welcome to the forum, Hanter--nothing like a cool build thread to make an entrance with!

Congrats on your build with John--I've admired his guitars for years here on the AGF and have no doubt that he'll create a visual and tonal masterpiece for you. As a recent recipient of a Tunnel 14/Cocobolo guitar, I can tell you that it is a magical combination. You'll love it!

I'm in agreement with mercy regarding the Tree binding--not enough contrast with the main woods and would possibly fight for the attention of the beholder. FWIW, my suggestion would be ebony or rocklite for the binding as I think it sets off the redwood and cocobolo in an elegant manner without competing with the other woods involved.

At any rate, whatever you and John come up with, this will be an amazing guitar, and I look forward to following along!
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