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Originally Posted by Swamp Yankee View Post
I've owned very few open back banjos that didn't sound better with a Renaissance head.

But then, winter time was always a time to swap to hide heads for me. A good quality hide head sounds incredible - as long as the humidity stays low enough. Come summertime, I'd swap back to Remo heads

As for BAS getting out of hand, here's a pic of me that my wife took back in 2006 or so. This didn't even show all the banjos I had at the time. At one point, I had 35 of the things in my house. To be honest though, I was sniping bargains off Ebay and reselling them, so I had quite a stockpile. I probably only had a dozen "players" at any given time.

Nice Photo & Banjos!

My reason for acquiring the five banjos I now have is that I wanted good examples of the different pots and the tone they can generate. With the addition of the in-shipment Vega Old Tyme Wonder, with its all-wood rim, I'll have that woody tone and with the other banjos with their tone rings, I have what they offer in tone. Now having a wood-rim, Tubaphone, Whyte Laydie, Dobson and a Flathead banjo I've got the most popular pot configurations. Can you or any of our AGFers make a good case for acquiring a Bacophone and a Silver Bell tone-ring banjo? I've read that the Bacophone tone-ring can add weird overtones and, to my knowledge, I've never heard a Silver Bell tone-ringed banjo. Thanks.
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