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Originally Posted by SpruceTop View Post
The head on the Rickard 12" Maple Ridge Dobson is the stock head with the Rickard logo, which according to the specs on Elderly is a Remo Renaissance head.
I've owned very few open back banjos that didn't sound better with a Renaissance head.

But then, winter time was always a time to swap to hide heads for me. A good quality hide head sounds incredible - as long as the humidity stays low enough. Come summertime, I'd swap back to Remo heads

As for BAS getting out of hand, here's a pic of me that my wife took back in 2006 or so. This didn't even show all the banjos I had at the time. At one point, I had 35 of the things in my house. To be honest though, I was sniping bargains off Ebay and reselling them, so I had quite a stockpile. I probably only had a dozen "players" at any given time.

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