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Default My Giannini GN-60 does not have a serial number

After a multi-year break, I finally decided to try guitar playing again and got myself a Giannini GN-60 in excellent condition. I was told the guitar was from the 1960s and from the little "knowledge" I have about Giannini, this model did appear to be produced from that time period. The guitar looks good for the age and its playability suits me very well, e.g. low action without any string buzz. However, one question that nags my mind is the serial number is missing from the label inside the sound hole. The label is the same one I saw in all other Giannini photos, the model shows "GN-60" but the serial number is blank.

Does anyone know what might be the reason for this? I'd appreciate any explanation that could ease my mind on the authenticity of this guitar.

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