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For playing, Iím using Stanley Yatesí technique books. Iím a fan of the newer technique being taught by more modern teachers like him who seem concerned about ergonomics and hand health. The Larry MacDonald book is similiar. The Noad book is not.

For repertoire, Iím using the Stanley Yates repertoire books from Mel Bay and the new RCM Guitar Series. I also have the Sagreras and Parkening books mentioned above, and there is a lot of music in them.

If you just want instruction on reading music and a lot of easy pieces to practice reading, I think the old Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method is hard to beat. Itís begins super easy, and it gives you a lot of pieces and exercises with clear instruction.

There is also a lifetimeís worth of free sheet music at the Delcamp classical guitar forum. My own reading has improved a lot the last six months, and I attribute it to playing tons of easy pieces - always reading new material.
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