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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
These ELAC look interesting. Made in China but apparently designed by Andrew Jones and appear to be cutting cost by direct marketing

Another excellent speaker (said to be budget audiophile class) I would definitely consider also with direct marketing, although a bit more expensive but made here the US is SVS.... For example the SVS Prime Series Tower is $499 ea. where the ELAC Debut F6 Tower is $379 ea. link here

So, back in the real world, If I were to really pare down, I'd spend the most on speakers, either the SEAS Pendragons (best sound for the money on the market IMO) or go with a set of used electrostatics, like Magnepan. Trust me, this where spending the most percentage on speakers pays off.

.You see where I believe the speaker is the most important part?
It would interesting to hear the Tekton SEAS Pandragon , the web sight does not say the actual type of cabinet ? I notice Tekton also make a studio Monitor (albeit not w/SEAS) .... Having SEAS drivers in my Amphion studio monitors I do think they are outstanding accurate transducers[/QUOTE]

I admit I haven't heard the Pendragons in person, but I have SEAS drivers in my Joseph Audio Pulsars, and given the dimensions of the speaker and cabinet (I'm assuming composite wood) I have to imagine that they would thump the bejeezus out of my house. The reviewer mentions something along the lines of "great for rock music" so I interpreted that as they were great at higher volumes.
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