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Originally Posted by Luke_ View Post
I have an AKG 120 LDC mic.... But not opposed to getting the e70 stereo as a pair. I guess I'm kinda lost with the FireWire vs USB benefits. I heard FW was faster? Pick just plan on doing my guitar and maybe some vocals, acoustic bass sometimes. So maybe I don't need the extra speed. I just wanna make sure I get a good one. Is the AkG mic a good start? Should I get a SDC to pair with it? I'm a total noob on this stuff. Rather than read thru the a bunch of reviews, can one of y'all recommend an interface in the $200-300 range that will work well with the above discussed mics? I'll be using my desktop quad core with vista if that makes a difference.. Any help will be appreciated
OK I'll address the interface options in your price range. Sure Firewire is faster than USB 2 but ask yourself this how soon are you going to replace your computer? Reason, firewire is being fazed out with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. Newer machines won't have Firewire. Also consider that fact that certain motherboard firewire chipsets on you computer or laptop may not work. You would have to research and factor all of this in. If you don't plan on upgrading your computer anytime in the coming year or so and your machines chipset is compatible, then I wouldn't worry about going firewire especially if the interface has the features and specs you require.
I really don't think you can beat the Steinberg UR22 @ around $150.00. nice preamps and converters, drivers(all better than my Echo Gina 3G pci card that I paid so much for way back when). The UR44 has more 1/0 and 2 headphone output jacks and DSP software included. It is at the 300 dollar ceiling though. The Mackie Black jack I hear has great pres but the drivers are so bad that many resort to using Asio4all which is to me unacceptable that Mackie hasn't addressed this as far as I know. Focusright stuff isn't bad, so I'll leave it to other forum members to offer their suggestions. One quick note about the UR22. The early, possible first units shipped had a potential flaw when using just on mic that required phathom power. Some condensers exhibited a slight low frequency noise @ 30khz. Using two mics wasn't an issue. Steinberg addressed that and gave dates and the range of serial #'s for possible affected units which they replaced. They still have that page up, but buying one new now wouldn't even be of a concern. At least they handled it right.
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