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that's correct. i thought i'd do it this way on this one small guitar because there just isn't a lot of top to work with. most small 3/4 (little martin, yamaha fg junior, etc..) guitars imo sound like a brass snare drum -very brash and "honky" with clashing fundamentals and harmonics zinging about and little headroom. it's rare for me to find a good one. and in hindsight i suspect laminate woods to a certain extent. i though i'd de-couple a few things to get some more top movement. i'm making this guitar for my wife who wants a small shallow guitar to play and one that won't re-injure her shoulder. small and shallow = not a lot of box air volume. pulling good tone out of a tiny guitar is not an easy thing in comparison to a large dread with all that top to work with. everything is on a much smaller scale but you still need to deliver on the sound quality.

from a side view starting out at the x brace, a sharp, steep rise to about .75 or so then gradually tapering down to zero about a 1/16" or so from the kerfing. from an end view the profile is a pointy parabolic and the braces are .25 thick. i did this on the two finger braces and the single tone bar.

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