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Default Baranik JX - TRADED

Hi All,

I know this info is always hard to find, so I will put it up first:

Price: 3700 Euro
Trade Value: 4000 Euro

I'm listing my 2007 Baranik JX for sale. I bought this guitar from a forum member a few months ago and imported it into Switzerland. It's a fantastic sounding guitar and is also easily the most comfortable guitar I have ever held. The neck shape is fantastic - it fits my hand perfect. The string spacing is just a hair over 1 3/4 at 1 25/32" (46mm) and it gives just the right amount of room on the left hand without becoming difficult to play. When I am finally ready to get my own custom built I want it to have this neck and spacing! The asymmetrical body shape is also wonderful, and the 16" lower bout is very easily managable.

The guitar is also very versatile. It works fantastically well for bare fingers, but also loves a pick and also strumming. Dream guitars had the following to say about the guitar when it was there a few years ago:

"Mike Baranik is among some of the most consistent builders working today. we know what we are getting when we get a Baranik in, a flawlessly built modern voiced instrument. This JX model in East Indian Rosewood and Carpathian Spruce is built for someone who needs everything and needs it done well. If you need to do some flatpicking, this guitar will do it with power and volume, if you need to do some fingerpicking it will handle it with grace and ease. The voice is clear and precise with a focus on the fundamental. The set up is perfect and will have you wanting to come back and play at every spare moment. This is a wonderful all around guitar, I couldn't imagine a situation that it wouldn't excel in, recording, playing live, flatpicking, fingerpicking, you name it, it can do it."

Here is a review if this exact guitar (with some excellent playing) from forum member Dustin Furlow:

The condition of the guitar is somewhere between a conservative very good and excellent. There are a couple of tiny marks in the top here and there, and a little spot on the lower bout where the finish may have lifted a bit- it's a bit cloudy there. There are also a couple fret edges that are a bit sharp on the treble side around the 5th fret. You don't notice at all when playing- Only when you look for them. It took me about two weeks to notice them. This stuff wasn't even disclosed in any of the previous postings for this guitar- that's how insignificant this stuff is. I just really want to be up front about everything. The guitar is great. It plays great. The stainless steel frets look new. The action is perfect. It needs nothing.

I don't have any pictures of my own as the natural lighting is terrible this time of year. I will post some pictures from previous owners. Of course, if anyone is serious about the guitar I would be happy to get some current pics and also do a skype call to discuss the condition in detail.

Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood
Top Wood: Carpathian Spruce
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Bridge: Ebony
Rosette: Koa and Abalone
Binding: Koa
Fingerboard Bindings: Ebony
Headplate: Ebony
Headstock Bindings: Ebony
Headstock Inlay: Custom
Tuners: Gotoh 510
Tuner Finish: Chrome
Scale: 25.6"
Nut Width: 1 25/32 in. (46 mm)
String Spacing: 2 5/16 in. (58.7 mm)
Body Length: 19 3/8 in.
Upper Bout: 10 5/8 in.
Lower Bout: 15.9"
Body Depth @Tail Block: 4.25" in.
Frets to body: 14
Pickguard: Clear
Case: Hardshell Case - Ameritage
Pickup: Highlander IP2 not currently installed, but will ship with the guitar.

The guitar is in Switzerland, but I live very close to the German border. This means that I can also ship from inside the EU, so EU members can get this guitar tax and duty free!

Really I have no reason to sell it except for the desire to continue trying new guitars. I need to sell one in order to have money to buy something new. With that being said, I'm posting it for sale, but am not really in a rush to sell. I'd also be very happy to hear trade offers for other boutique/ solo luthier guitars. I need at least a 1 3/4" nut, but am flexible about most other other specs. I just love getting to know different guitars for a few months before sending them on their way.

Feel free to write me on the forum, but I prefer email: [email protected]

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