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Default Pickguard Recommendation

My 0-15 12-fret is not only my first Martin, itís my first non-classical without a pickguard (even my flamenco has a clear golpeador above and below the sound hole). But as I strum (sometimes rather aggressively, because I love to play a bunch of different styles of music) I feel my pick scrape the surface of the wood. But I strum further back when I want a brighter style, and I fear a standard pickguard wonít go far enough back, and I like to use a heavy Dunlop Primetone 2.0mm pick, and would hate to damage the top.

Iím thinking a custom pickguard out of Delmar. But I donít know what shape to get, and if I am better off ordering it online. So any recommendations or advice here would be helpful.
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